Rachael Recommends June 2022

Posted by Rachael McDonald on June 17, 2022

Life "enhancements" is what I'm all about in today's issue. I'll share on one product I am loving, and two very useful apps I use almost daily. Please enjoy!

Hand Held Milk Frother: Life-changing is the only way to describe this product. While that may be just a slight exaggeration, one thing is for sure, this device will upgrade your drink game. 

From creamer in coffee, to Vital Protein's collagen supplements, to matcha lattes, my day is filled with reasons I need (yes, need) a liquid frothed, or a drink mixed. This $10 product answers this need perfectly. 

Detox Me app: Here is how an article on Bustle describes this awesome application: "(It) is free... and uses research to help reduce a consumer's exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in all household products, including beauty items. The apps' ethos is that knowledge is 'a prescription for prevention.' It allows you to track your progress in terms of eliminating toxic products, offers tips and recommendations for safer alternatives, and breaks down those often confusing labels and technical terminology."

If you are like me, you want to continually make small steps to improve your health. The products we consume and use daily provide replete room for focused improvement. This app can help you work to live healthier and "cleaner!"

Pexels: Pexels is self-described as "the best free stock photos, royalty free images, and videos shared by creators." I agree. From my experience, it is the best one-stop "shop" to find stock photos when I need them. The artists are excellent and provide exceptional free media. Plus, you can leave donations for your favorite creators! (See images below for some examples of Pexel's offerings). 

As always, I am thankful for your time spent reading this content. I hope it is helpful and beneficial to your life.

- Rachael