Rachael Recommends April 2022

Posted by Rachael McDonald on April 26, 2022

Hello there! Thank you for browsing my recommendations each month. Fitness Collective's April recommendations are quite different from one another, but I think you will find both very beneficial. Apply both, and I am sure you will be happy you did! I hope you enjoy :)

Protein Intake:

For several years I have intermittently followed Ben Greenfield, a fitness, nutrition, and biohacking buff who is exceptionally intelligent and known for his scientific approach to wellness. Recently, I rekindled a habit of listening to his podcast, "Ben Greenfield Fitness." While I recommend his podcast as a whole, I am focusing my recommendation here on his advice for protein intake. A recent podcast reminded me of the importance of getting adequate protein each day. 

The podcast explores questions like, "How much protein should I aim to get each day?" "From what sources should I get my protein?" "Are protein powders okay? And, if so, what type is best?" This podcast, in tandem with his blog, "The Ultimate Guide to Protein and Protein Powders, the Truth about Whey Protein Isolate, Protein Dosing/Timing Guide," sheds all the light on what any lay-person would need to determine their protein needs and more (in actuality, it's probably a bit beyond what a lay-person needs to know. Ben always shares copious material and is rarely brief). 

To save you some reading and listening, here's the quick and dirty of it: (category: protein needs in grams per pound of body weight):


  • Endurance athletes: 0.5-0.8 g/lb
  • Strength/power athletes: 0.6-0.9 g/lb 
  • Athletes currently in a weight-loss period: 0.7-1.15 g/lb

Reusable Ziploc Bags

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic my son is exposed to, I purchased these reusable bags. I had never before used a product like this, and I must say that I am now a big fan! It's been a couple of months since I purchased them, and now I can give my recommendation! 

They hold up well, are easy to clean, don't hang on to odors or colors, and keep food fresh. They are also inexpensive. I have not had to discard or replace one yet, and that's with using them daily. I put my son's snacks in them and other "sack lunch" items like sandwiches and leftover pizza. 

This product is a great way to lower the number of plastic toxins you and your family are exposed to and decrease plastic waste. If you're up for slightly more effort in clean-up with these non-disposable goods, I suggest giving these a try!