Rachael Recommends January 2022

Posted by Rachael McDonald on January 25, 2022

Products, food, and more

Rachael Recommends January 2022 is jam-packed with fitness products, food recommendations, and much more to help you reach your fitness goals. Here's what we're loving this month:

Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptides 

AKA, heaven on earth. Try it mixed in your morning coffee, as a cozy evening hot chocolate to curb the after-dinner-sweet-craving (even kids love this), or added to your protein smoothie for breakfast! You can't beat this delicious way to get your daily dose of collagen. Remember, for most people, the rule of thumb is to aim for 20 grams of collagen per day.

We sell this product here at Fitness Collective. Pick some up when you're in for your next workout. You will not be disappointed! 

Bedtime stretch/yoga 

You have probably heard that a good bedtime routine can not only help you fall asleep more quickly but can enhance the quality of the sleep you enjoy. If a bedtime routine is something you know you need, consider making a short stretch time a part of it. 

Stretching or practicing a yoga sequence can help calm your body and mind and help you transition to a more relaxed state. YouTube has several channels with great instructors, but Yoga with Adriene has been my favorite for many years. Try this 7-minute pre-bedtime yoga to see if it doesn't make you want to add a short stretch to your routine. Prepare for a good night's sleep!

The Buddha Bowl 

A buddha bowl is a dish with many different components or food groups mixed together to form a colorful and nutritious meal. In terms of technicalities, I can't say I know exactly what constitutes a "classic" buddha bowl, but I do know that I love the concept. 

From a nutritional perspective, the buddha bowl is excellent because it encourages a wide variety of different veggies, healthy fats, and proteins. Consuming a variety of foods ensures you get a more wide range of nutrients (hint: this is very healthy for your body).

Here is a link to a website that promises to help you "build your own buddha bowl." It also shares recipes along with some tips and ideas. And here is an image/infographic for additional information on the makings of your own bowl. 

These bowls are great for lunches or dinners. You can even prep them ahead of time as your "meal prep" for the upcoming week's lunches. Tip: For the month of February, make five buddha bowls each Sunday for the week ahead. Each week, try switching up the ingredients you put in the bowl. Prepare to taste some delectable combos! 

Happy New Year, by the way! Thank you for reading all about the things that are currently making me happy and enhancing my life. I hope they do the same for you! 

With happiness and gratitude,