Rachael Recommends. Nov. 2021

Posted by Rachael McDonald on November 15, 2021

Time for rest and extra care

"Wintering" is a verb akin to taking time for rest and extra care. Though the holidays are upon us, I hope you can find some quietude in their midst. In last month's issue, I shared cozy favorites of mine that promote feelings of comfort during the autumn season. Here, we will take the next step as I share some wintering faves. I hope they help you find a little slice of peace during an often bustling season. 

Matcha Latte

My current daily routine is to make a mid-morning matcha latte. I use Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen powder because it's absolutely delicious and helps ensure I get my daily collagen in (you can purchase it here, or from either of our gym locations). I pour hot water over one scoop of the matcha powder and thoroughly mix it in. Then to finish, I top it off with some frothy Sown Sweet Cream oat milk creamer. It's a real slice of heaven. 

Essential Oils

I use essential oils in two ways: Topical and aromatically via a diffuser. Right now, I've got immune-boosting blends in both my diffuser and my roller bottle. There's a good amount of research pointing to the effectiveness of essential oils for many uses. Immune boosting is one of them. Check here for a quick article about the immune-boosting effects of oils, as well as how and why to use them.

Right now, I am using Young Living's Thieves oil, Melaleuca's Armor oil blend, and Grounding oil blend.

Elderberry Syrup

For the past year, I've made my own organic elderberry syrup as another immunity enhancer. Every evening before my son's bedtime, we take our syrup together. Although  I can't prove a causal link, I will say we've been ill very infrequently. Like essential oils, it seems that elderberry does have a potent positive effect on the immune system. In health food stores, you can find bottles for purchase for acute illness, but I use mine as more of a preventative measure. You don't have to make your own, though it's very easy and much less expensive than buying it. 

Is your interest piqued? - Here's an article for a deeper dive into the whys and the hows of elderberry syrup (the recipe is included there). 

Once again, I am grateful for the indulgence as you read through my list each month. I hope you find these ideas useful for your own wintering. 

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!


**Disclaimer: I am not a physician. I suggest talking to your own personal physician before using essential oils and/or elderberry syrup. Also, be sure to check with your child's pediatric physician too.