Rachael Recommends October 2021

Posted by Rachael McDonald on October 6, 2021

It's raining today as I type this, so I must just be feelin' all the cozy autumn vibes! The happy little things I recommend this month all seem to fall into the #fallvibes category. That means it's time for October 2021's installment of Rachael Recommends - check out these great fitness products, food recommendations, and much more!

Health(ier) treats for Halloween: I will admit that if you visit my home on Halloween night, my family and I pass out "regular" Halloween candy. You'll find Milky Way, Dum Dums, Milk Duds, and Twix in my give-away basket. We do allow our son to eat some of the candy he collects from trick-or-treating. However, our candy consumption on the days surrounding the holiday looks different from what may be "regular." Instead of offering our son, guests, and ourselves Almond Joys and Skittles, we keep healthier treats around. 

Though I don't suggest consuming candy often when I do I tend to recommend and purchase for my family treats that have no artificial colors, flavors, or dies; treats that have natural or organic sweetener; and treats that list very few ingredients. There are many options around, but here are my favorite brands: 

Smart Sweets - gummy snacks like red twists, gummy bears, and peach rings. 

Yum Earth- we love their lollipops for kids. My son loves them so much he calls them "yummy pops!" I like them because there are very few ingredients, and no artificial flavors or colors. They have great gummies for kids too. Also check out these special Halloween pops and candy corn!

Hu - outstanding chocolate. Perfect for an after-dinner treat with a cup of steamy tea or decaf coffee (for adults, obviously). 

Unreal - candies that mimic various M&M flavors. Cute and delicious. 

Alter Eco - another fabulous chocolate brand. I love this brand because the ingredients are so clean. I particularly appreciate that there is no soy added as an emulsifier (as is often used in many other chocolate brands).

Soy Candles: There is something extra comforting about candlelight around a home. Many health experts will offer reasons why burning scented candles can potentially be an unhealthy choice because of the toxins in the fumes emitted. However, I find that soy candles burn much cleaner (less smoke/fumes) than regular (paraffin) candles. They are a better choice for those who share my affinity for burning candles. I am really loving Mrs. Meyer's fall candle line best right now.

Squash Soup: Last year, one of my clients got me hooked on her squash soup, and since then I have fallen in love with the comfort of a warm, creamy soup when the weather is chilly. Here is the recipe I follow when I make mine, but there are so many wonderful recipes out there. Just do a quick Pinterest search and you'll be overwhelmed by options! Acorn squash, as well as other similar squashes, is packed with tons of nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. Add some dried cranberries for some extra festive flare! 

I hope you already feel cozier :) Thanks for reading my recommendations this month. Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!