Set a Goal For Better Posture

Posted by Rachael McDonald on September 13, 2021

Improved Posture

Weight loss.

Muscle tone.

Mass gain.

Be strong.

Gain endurance.

Hike a mountain.

Keep up with grandkids. 

We love each of these fitness goals. They are all worthy pursuits, and each can be improved with regular physical exercise (the correct type, albeit). However, when it comes to coaching clients toward their goals, there is one goal that gets a trainer just as excited as any of them. And that is the goal of improved posture. 

It seems pretty dull, right? So then, why do we crave the words, "I want to improve my posture," so much? Because without good posture, these other goals become unachievable or at the very least, unsustainable. 

Again, another "why" question is begging to be asked here. - Personal trainers know that if correcting posture isn't a focus, injuries will inevitably follow at some point. It could be months. Or years. But, if poor posture isn't addressed, injuries will come. And when injuries arise, all those other glittery goals must take a back seat. The injury must be rehabilitated before work toward the original goal can resume. 

The point we're making here is this: You can (and should) have a fitness goal that fires you up, a goal that motivates you to show up to the gym for each and every workout. But don't forget to work on your posture too. A trainer will be able to guide you in this.

Well-being is more than just a healthy diet and exercise. Set a goal for better posture, and improve your overall well-being!

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