Fitness and Healthy Eating Books

Posted by Rachael McDonald on August 3, 2021

In the fitness world, knowledge is power!

Check out these fitness and healthy eating books that have greatly impacted how we eat, schedule our time, choose habits, and succeed in achieving our goals. 

There is so much knowledge to be gained through the written word. Material written in books is still one of the most impactful methods of sharing important information, even in the era of high-tech everything. 

But in the health and fitness field, there seems to be an overabundance of information, making it challenging to know what sources carry expertise that's worth applying, learning, or even reading altogether. Here, in this short article, I hope to share some of my team's and my own most impactful books. Sometimes all you need is a good recommendation from a reputable source, and you're set to read life-changing content. Here are our recent favorite reads:

Better Than Before

A great way to approach fitness is with the idea that the main goal should be to be better than before! This book isn't only focused on fitness; the author shares overarching principles that can be applied to any health and fitness journey. A great read for anyone who wants to be "better than before." 

Buy it here: Better Than Before

It Starts with Food

This is, in fact, the book that began the trendy "diet," the Whole30. However, we mostly love this book because it does a good job of expressing how food impacts our bodies, health, and medical conditions and symptoms. It's helpful to draw the link between the food we put into our bodies and the "symptoms" our bodies give us back. 

Buy it here: It Starts with Food

Body Love

The most helpful resource for understanding how food impacts blood sugar levels and, therefore, our ability to lose weight/fat in a healthy way. It's a bit "science-y," but the author offers tangible help to achieve the fat loss you're looking for! 

Buy it here: Body Love

Atomic Habits

Whether we like it or not, success in achieving health and fitness goals is found to be inconsistent with habits. Atomic Habits provides an excellent framework from which to build small, non-overwhelming, but life-changing habits that add up to dramatic results.

Buy it here: Atomic Habits

High-Performance Habits

Achieve any goal! This book may actually have the ability to make anyone a high performer (ha!). This a practical book to help you improve performance in many areas of life and find success in many areas, from relationships to fitness to business and more. 

Buy it here: High-Performance Habits

Give these books a try. You won't regret it! 

Happy reading :)