Rachael Recommends April 2021

Posted by Rachael McDonald on April 1, 2021

Happy Spring!

I hope that springtime means wonderful things for you all. This season is one of new growth, fresh starts, and perhaps trying new things. Here I tried to compile a list of fun, fresh items and products that may suit the vibe of this new season. Enjoy perusing some of my current favorite things.

Energy Shot

If you've been to our training facility, you may have noticed this tiny bottle peeking out from the fridge. I love this product because it is just a little "shot" of energy! It doesn't fill up your tummy just before a workout with a bunch of liquid, but it still gives your brain and body a little nudge to perform better and feel sharper.

I also like it because a coffee berry is the "active" energy ingredient. Coffeeberry is a natural source of caffeine, so it's less intense in its impact on your body's system. 

Grab yours from the Fitness Collective fridge!

Slam Ball for home workouts

My current favorite piece of gym equipment. I usually use it while I work out in the gym, but slam balls are also great for at-home workouts! This tool is a fun way to add variety and intensity to home workouts, and it's affordable and easy to store. 

Add this to your home exercise gear and get ready for some heart-pumping, calorie-burning fun! 

Dye Free Sprinkles and Food Coloring

It may be too late to grab these for Easter baking by now, but these are worth getting if you are into baking with kids.

When baking with my son, I like to make it fun by adding color with food dyes or sprinkles. But I prefer to use products that don't include artificial or synthetic dyes and colors. I have used Watkins sprinkles and food coloring for many treats, and they've always turned out beautiful and extra fun! I may or may not add them to his morning waffles and banana to brighten the day! ;) 

Atlas Protein Bar

The current favorite of Joey's! These protein bars actually taste good and include around 15 grams of protein per bar! They're a great on-the-go snack and come in multiple delicious flavors! 

Thanks for checking out my list!