Favorite Breakfasts for Fat Loss

Posted by Rachael McDonald on March 22, 2021

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is important

In a previous post, we advised against the consumption of oatmeal (and all extra high-carb breakfasts) when one has a goal to lose weight and/or fat. In this post, we approach the matter of breakfast more positively by offering some good suggestions that do tend to help promote weight and fat loss. 

Here are Fitness Collective's favorite breakfasts for fat loss!

Egg Scramble 

Throw some greens, green chilies or peppers, mushrooms, etc., into your skillet with coconut oil to soften. Then add some scrambled eggs to cook through. Keep in mind the sky is the limit to what greens and veggies you can add to mix this up. Try serving alongside a couple of turkey sausage links. If you're pressed for time in the mornings (who isn't?), try making these egg cups ahead of time. Pop a couple in the broiler for a quick meal. You can even make a huge load and store them in the freezer! 

Green Smoothie 

It doesn't taste green! Poor some unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, almond butter, chia seeds, spinach, etc., into a high-speed blender for a quick and filling breakfast on the run. It's even tasty prepared the night before and stored in the fridge till morning. Find an actual recipe here. But remember, you can change this up to keep it interesting too. Visit this site for some more ideas to up your smoothie game

***P.S. If fat loss is your goal, we recommend avoiding fruit in the morning smoothies.

Protein Chia Seed Pudding 

Another great make-ahead option. You're either going to love it or hate it - It's a texture thing. Chia seeds are kind of like tapioca - they're a little weird. But they are healthy, support great digestion, and are packed with good nutrition. We love the pudding, and we hope you give it a try. As with the other ideas we've listed above, there are countless ways to create variety with this idea. Find a great starter recipe here. Again, avoid sweeteners and fruit for breakfast with a weight/fat loss goal. 

If you missed our last post on breakfast for weight loss, you might not understand why the suggestions above are better than oatmeal or Raisin Bran. Ideally, go back and read that post. But to briefly elaborate - these breakfasts are better suited for individuals who want to lose fat and/or weight (as well as conquer cravings, constant hunger, etc.) because they do not cause a large spike and crash in blood sugar. The spike/crash cycle from high-carb breakfasts can cause increased hunger, cravings, and fat storage in our bodies. Give these breakfasts a chance and see if you notice a difference!