Rachael Recommends February 2021

Posted by Rachael McDonald on February 12, 2021

Products we're loving

I have a fun lineup of my faves to share with you in this post. The reason I want to share these things is that I get asked all the time about my favorite products, supplements, and go-tos. So it seems natural, easy, and fun to share them here each month. That way, you can learn the things people are asking about and those I am recommending. Check out the goods below! 

Suspension Straps

I believe a must-have for those of you doing home workouts at any frequency. So many beneficial exercises and stretches suspension straps allow you to perform. Plus, they last a long time in the home setting and don't take up much room. They even travel easily for workouts on the road! These are great for strengthening and toning the lower body, upper body, and core, too. Add these plus another virtual workout each week for even better and faster results! 

NAKED Whey Protein

I mentioned their Pea Protein in a previous post, but NAKED's whey product is great, too. For anyone trying to gain size and put on muscle mass, I often have them try a particular "formula" for the timing of their protein shakes. Often, this modus operandi needs tweaking, but here's where I like to start:

  • Whey protein shakes with a banana within 30 minutes of the workout (post-workout).
  • Pea protein shakes an hour before bed at night. 

Give this a try and see if it works for you! 

*It is not uncommon for some to have tummy troubles with whey protein. If you try a whey protein powder and have gas or bloating, it may not be the right choice. 

Beautycounter clean skincare

While our passion for fitness and proper nutrition runs deep, we also feel strongly about good, clean self-care products. Remember, things you put on your body get into your body. Since your skin is the largest organ and absorbs much of what you place on it, it's wise to think through what it is you are putting on it.

There are many great skincare product lines, but this one has recently moved onto my radar. I have a few of their items, and each has exceeded my expectations. Their cosmetics and makeup are fabulous as well. 

Men's clean skincare

And let's not leave out the men! I purchase toxin-free skincare items for my husband as well. For the same reasons I find it important for myself, I believe it is for Joey. (Though he doesn't use as many products as I do! Ha!)

This company has everything from beard oil to under-eye cream to shampoo and conditioner. Plus, the price is fair, and the products are effective! 

Thanks for checking out my list! I hope you find them helpful. Stay tuned for the next list of my favorites to drop again in about a month!