Products Fitness Collective Trainers Love

Posted by Rachael McDonald on December 11, 2020

Fitness Collective Trainers Love These Products

Maybe you are in a good groove with your nutrition - you're feeling the results you want in your body, as well as the energy and vitality you want. For you, look at this post as a way to learn about fun new products you can add to your diet.

Or maybe your diet could stand to increase in its "healthy-ness," and you are ready for a change. If this is you, adding some healthy staples will help you in this endeavor. Whichever camp you fall into, we hope you enjoy perusing some of this list of products our fitness trainers love, and what we like about each.


Caulipower - Cauliflower Pizza Crust

If you haven't tried pizza on a cauliflower crust yet, you are missing out! It's delicious and a great healthy sub for the super calorie-dense and high-carb traditional crust. Top it as you would a regular pizza. Extra veggies always make it better.

Broccoli rice

Sounds strange, right? Though a little odd, riced broccoli is a great way to get your greens and healthy cruciferous veggies in. Plus, it is actually tasty. We substitute this product in recipes where rice is usually used. Think Mexican bowls, stir fry, Indian curry bowls, etc. It takes on the dish's flavor and provides a much healthier "base."

Coconut Wraps

When you pull these out of the package, you will undoubtedly think they're weird. But trust us on this one; these are great. Low calorie and low carb, these wraps are great as a container for your favorite Mexican burrito, breakfast burrito, and more!

Primal Kitchen Mayo

Mayo made with coconut or avocado oil is much less inflammatory than the traditional canola oil or safflower oil, typically round in mayo. Use this for deviled eggs or chicken or tuna salad. We like mixing in diced green chilies for a lettuce-wrapped burger topping. So yummy!

Primal Kitchen dressing

Same as the mayo - it is much healthier than traditional dressings made with canola, soybean, safflower, and other inflammatory oils. Each dressing we've tried by Primal Kitchen has been wonderful. They have tons of different options!

Epic jerky bars

These are the best jerky bars around! A great naturally high protein bar that can travel anywhere for a perfect go-to snack. This bar proves that healthy food can be convenient.

Simple Mills crackers

Just taste them. 'Nough said. These crackers are grain-free and made from almond flour. Truly, they are some of the most delicious crackers ever. It's easy to overeat them because they're so yummy; watch the portion size!

Dang Bar

Another awesome go-to snack that can be kept in a travel bag, at work, in your car, etc. They have so many great flavors to try too. Our favorite right now is the Chocolate Sea Salt bar.

Kite Hill Dips

If you or someone you love is trying to avoid dairy, this is the brand to look for. They've got so many options for the dairy-free foodie (from cream cheese to yogurt). We love the French Onion almond dip most. We pair it with sliced-up cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and sliced peppers for a fun and different appetizer. 

** We recommend purchasing these products from the local grocery store, Natural Grocers or Sprouts. However, most of these products can be ordered from Amazon or Thrive Market.

We hope this inspires you to try something new! Tag us in your new creations on the Fitness Collective Instagram @fitnesscollectiveptc, so we can see what you put together. Happy clean-cooking!